A Response to Prime Ministers Question Time...

At Prime Ministers Questions this week, David Cameron called the people living in the refugee camps in France, 'a bunch of migrants'. David Cameron has never been to the camps. We have been working with the refugees since September last year, using our participatory photography training to give the camps residents the skills to be able to take their own photographs and write their own words so they can tell their own stories. Through our project we have been empowering the people living in the 'Jungle' by giving them a voice outside of mainstream media, which does nothing but endorse Cameron's stereotyping. Through their words and pictures we hope we can show that these people are not 'a bunch of migrants' but living, breathing, human beings that need our help and friendship.

"Mierwais is our friend. He is alone. He is 11. His parents are not here. He asks Sultana (Sitara’s sister) for food, he asks 'I am hungry'. Sultana sometimes cooks eggs. He sleeps in a tent"
Sitara, aged 9, Afghanistan