" There is still a lot of beauty this side of the fence."
 " This Jungle will never extinguish the fire in our hearts ."
  " Tear gas. Why? "
 " Sometimes I come here and I stand a few minutes, imagining that this is what England looks like. "
 " It’s like we are living in a prison. We are not safe or free in here. "
 " When fires happen in the ‘Jungle’, it’s like we are burning in Hell. They happen quite often as people use candles as they can’t afford gas to keep warm. "
 " Sunset. Even in the Jungle you can find beauty. "
    " This reminds me of war. It makes me remember when the planes were hovering over Afghanistan and dropping bombs."
 " Fuck Happy Jungle. "
 " All religions behind this fence live and die here. We are all brothers and sisters."
  "I think that these containers look like a prison camp. "
  "We came to Europe to feel safe after we escaped from the darkness that is in our countries, we never thought that Europe was going to treat us this way. "
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