" People are breaking their legs trying to jump the fences. There is no    other way, no chance. "
 " Everything is broken here in the Jungle. Everyday we spend here, we    are more broken. "
 " This is how our babies live in the Jungle. "
 " The library makes me happy because I can get knowledge, also it    passes the time, as there is nothing else to do all day. This is the life I    am living, its difficult to explain, not only for me but for all people here. "
 " My home. "
 " We need freedom. "
  "   Our conditions are not healthy.   "
 " I am a peaceful man. I am not a terrorist. "
 " An incomplete life. "
 " When I feel alone, books are my only friends. "
 " I am so proud of my Eritrean community. "
 " This represents the long time I spent in prison in my own country. From one prison to another ."
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