"We are safe in our caravan from rain. The first night we were in a tent, we arrived at 10 o’clock at night. We were very tired and it was very cold."
 " A butterfly is like freedom. A butterfly can go wherever it wants ."
 " The bulldozer destroying people's homes ."
 " The situation with the police is scary, because they are destroying the camp ."
 " A man carrying all of his belongings, after the demolition ."
 " Mierwais is our friend. He is alone. His parents are not here. He asks my sister “I am hungry”, so she sometimes cooks him eggs. He    sleeps in a tent. "
  “ I wish we could fly with the balloons. ”
 " The signs from the demonstration against bulldozing the camp. We wrote them in Pashto, English and French ."
 " The flames of the fire look like the word Allah ."
 " The demonstration was very peaceful, children tried to give flowers to the police, but they didn't take them. Some of the police cried. "
 " My dream for the future is that I am in a good country, a safe place, and I go to school and have luck ."
How to be Happy
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