" It's very difficult to bring water home, especially in this weather. My    brother does this every day, sometimes me and my little sister carry some also ."
 " This is a very sad picture because it's raining and people don't have a place to dry their clothes. "
 " People don't care about their health, if they did they wouldn't do this ."
 " I didn't like it when it snowed, because it was too cold and I didn't have good boots. When it snows in Afghanistan, there's enough to build a snowman! "
  " What would I like to say about this picture? I love myself! :)     The Women and Children's centre has gone now though, so there's nowhere to learn and create ."
  " During the evictions, someone's caravan caught on fire and the flames travelled to a neighbouring caravan, where there was still a man inside. Thankfully he managed to escape unhurt, but everything else was burnt. "
 " Everyone is thinking, 'Jungle is finished'. Where will we go now? "
  " I speak 4 languages, Persian is my native language. Pashto and Urdu I learnt from films, and English I learnt from my school English classes. My sister and I are getting good in French now. Learning makes us feel like we are ‘someone' ."
 " This shows the life of people in camp. They have a very bad life, when all everyone wants is to have a good life ."
 " Inside my home. Home for me is being with my family, oh and having my own bathroom! "
 " They are moving a shelter by car because the authorities are bulldozing. I am sad they are destroying their area ."
 "I like taking photos, to remember the memories."
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